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Heather Rocha

Birmingham, Alabama

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Birmingham, Alabama
United States

About Heather Rocha

Health and Wellness Coach - Yoga Practitioner and Personal Trainer

I believe when we feel good about ourselves – inside and out- that we radiate in other areas of life swell. Our creativity can be mastered and reflected when our inspiration is strong. You are your biggest fan and you can’t count on others to show you your self worth.. reflections are great but they are also a pretty bandaid colored with (confirmation.) it doesn’t solve the inner work that needs to be done. Some people start backwards and feel confidence through walking in its shoes and putting the clothing on for the role. Outer shame effects our mind, sometimes we need to look confident to  feel worthy. Some people don’t see their outer beauty because they can’t see their inner beauty, so then we would start on inner work. I can provide strengths in all areas of inner and outer beauty. 

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