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Linda Levin

Birmingham, Alabama, 35223

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Birmingham, Alabama, 35223
United States

About Linda Levin


1) Discover your core values

We all have core values that drive us to make or avoid decisions, lead us in and out of conflict, affect our relationships and drive professional accomplishments and challenges. Sometimes those core values are forgotten when you are trying to fit into a particular situation or culture.

2) Uncover your unique talents, strengths and capabilities. 

Do you know what strengths and qualities you already have that you can leverage for success? Uncover these unique talents and capabilities; you will begin to see your life and its trajectory in a new way.

3) Leverage your inherent strengths to live your best life. 

You will gain a thorough understanding of your own behavioral and management style, preferences, strengths and development areas, and how to leverage them to achieve your highest goals. 

Contact me for a no-pressure conversation about how to reframe your life and career challenges and add new insights that will allow you to tap into your own wisdom, so your actions are in tandem with your values.

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