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Lorri Hanna

Birmingham, Alabama, AL

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Birmingham, Alabama, AL
United States

About Lorri Hanna

Hi there!

Over the past thirty years I've advocated, mentored and supported individuals all over the world, through personal growth journeys and transformational experiences. Many desired to change their lives, follow their passions, live authentically and be of service. I've followed my heart and dreams, devoted to my own personal development, adventurous learning opportunities and transformation. Often found immersed in natural environments, I find the natural rhythm of nature is a healing space where energy flows in and through me and I land in the most loving presence of Being. 

As your Deep Coach, I offer my loving presence to support your deepest healing and greatest potential as you navigate the landscape of your soul free of judgment and with an open heart. Blending psychology, healing and spirituality, true transformation is a holistic healing process of body, mind and spirit. As the process unfolds, we come into greater awareness of our limiting beliefs and whether we are living our life's purpose.  As we view our experience through a different lens, we invite the potential for something new to arise. Perspective taking has the ability to shift everything. It's in the vulnerable process of unraveling and presence where truth and possibility bloom. Letting go makes space for more LOVE--our innate nature. 

This is your precious life and it's here for you to engage and live into your full aliveness. What layers need to be peeled away so that you can embody and connect more to your light, to your truth, to your aliveness and your true nature? 

As your partner in this journey, I hold the greatest intention to listen deeply with an open mind, with love, compassion and potentiality, as you attend to what naturally arises within you. I'm committed to support your movement beyond your limitations into a space of expansiveness and possibility. 

As a steward of transformation, a wellness advocate and one who lives the journey, I'm here for you. Say YES to you because YOU MATTER. I'm here to help ignite what's possible for your transformational journey to your most authentic self--your true self.

With love and Light