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Meet Coach Nearby Christie Hensler in Madison AL

Christie Hensler

Madison, Alabama

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Madison, Alabama
United States

About Christie Hensler

Hey, I'm Christie! 

Today, I coach high-achieving men and women to break free from the mindsets and habits that hold them back and help launch them into a life they love. 

After working for 20 plus years to overcome the consequences of my own poor decisions, and life's challenges. I’ve discovered something amazing: with the right mindset, practical tools, and an empowering community, you can break the cycles that are holding you back for good!

Do you feel like you need some direction, a mindset shift and someone to walk alongside you to achieve a life you love? 

If so, you’re not alone. 

Listen, I’ve been there, too. Broken relationships, divorce, depression, financial ruins – you name it, I’ve gone through it. 

You’re not alone in this journey. And your future is so so bright!

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