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Heather Jones

Madison, Alabama

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Madison, Alabama
United States

About Heather Jones

Certified life coach 

Certified somatic coach  

Helping women build their confidence 

What if you could hop on a call with someone and they showed up only in the most supportive way? Their only intentions were to support you, listen to you, raise you up, and to help you learn to advocate for yourself, even if it’s against your own inner critic…especially when it’s against your own inner critic. 

What if you could gain clarity, and understanding of your own processes through exploration with that person? You could explore anything that comes up, in a completely safe space, without judgement or worry for being told you’re doing it wrong?

What if you could find a work/life flow that works specifically for you and your family? Not a one sized fits all-make it work, but a customized fit just for you.

What if you could spend several months with someone over weekly calls, and at the end of that time walk away with exponentially more confidence? 

If you are reading this full of doubt, I will gently but firmly challenged you to open your mind. 

If you are reading this and thinking, “Yes! That is what I need in my life”, that is awesome.

This is exactly what I do with my clients. Book a consultation call to see how I can help you, or reach out to me directly.

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