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Jon Ashworth

Mobile, Alabama, 36695

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Mobile, Alabama, 36695
United States

About Jon Ashworth

Hi there!
My name is Jon Ashworth and have dedicated my life to the service of others. I am currently a law enforcement officer and a life coach specializing in general health and wellness. As well, I offer coaching and mentor-ship in career, personal development and relationship coaching.

What I love about coaching is that instead of "telling" a client what to do, I focus on the client coming up with the answers and solutions that they already have but need to learn to tap into. Coaching helps people learn and empowers them to realize that they can do it on their own. How does one learn if they are always TOLD what to do? That being said, I would never allow someone to make a bad decision. I would intervene if I had to. :)
My current profession requires that I only work 14-16 days a month. This leaves me plenty of time to Coach clients and give them the time they deserve.
I love my career and have no plans on quitting. Coaching is not my main source of income and nor do I plan it to be. I do this because I enjoy helping others and watching them succeed. I strive to make my services available to everyone, which is why my rates are more economical than most. Don't let a more cost effective rate fool you into feeling like the services offered are of less or average in quality and content.

From a military, educational, fitness and entrepreneurial background, during our free initial consultation, you can determine if I would be a sound fit as your personal Coach.

$125.00 per cycle (cycle is 4 sessions) includes:
-Phone or Skype call (about 1 hour in length)
-Unlimited e-mail support
-Weekly newsletter
-Personalized program
-Discount for recommendations
-Access to personalized fitness program. (if ya wanna get in shape)
-Tested methods to ensure best possible outcome to obtain your goals
-and more.....

Hope to hear from you

Thank You,


"Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change."

-Arthur Burt