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Catie Craig

Anchorage, Alaska, 99687

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Anchorage, Alaska, 99687
United States

About Catie Craig

You may feel as if being down is a forever state. Productivity is in the past, dreams are long gone, and life as you once knew it will never. happen again. Let me help you!

I personally equip my clients with targeted tools to get you from where you are to where you intend to be in the shortest amount of time. I closely and attentively interact with you, at times implementing electronic assessments for better results.

Life is cumulative. You are not who you were, neither are you who you will be - yet. Your dreams aren't what they were, you will dream new ones. Life as you knew then will never happen again, but you will move on to tomorrow. You will be the best you because you have weathered the storms, chosen to get up, and made the effort to stand.

I am a Master Certified Life Coach. Today, I am also a senior in my last year as a Psychology/Social Work-degree seeking student and have had several businesses.

Life is a fight! For 17 years I battled depression, feeling as if life had passed me by forever, that my best years were behind me. I let life's pressures and letdown's take my smile away and rob me of my purpose. My get up and git was in the toilet.

I tell you this because it is possible to get up again, to find the real YOU, the you that you are today. We don't know about tomorrow, but we do have this moment, this day, this now.

Every day is a fresh start! Every moment is a choice. There isn't a day where I'm not tempted to throw in the towel. YET, I don't. If I do, I'll be where I was, and I never want to be there again.

With 40+ years total invested in marriage to NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disordered) and CD (Character Disordered) individual(s), I can identify firsthand with traumatized individuals. I knows what it is like to suffer, to struggle with long term trauma, to be knocked down and to fight to stand again!

You can stand. You can live fully. You can have faith again. I know what it takes. Let me help you to figure out how