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Meet Coach Nearby Amanda Danielle in Calgary AB

Amanda Danielle

Calgary, Alberta, T3E 4E2

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Calgary, Alberta, T3E 4E2

About Amanda Danielle

I have been in the personal and professional industry as a therapist since 2003.

Helping individuals reclaim self worth, self confidence, self-esteem while flourishing their passionate purpose filled life! I thrive on empowering and enriching lives to live their greatest potentials!

The incredible thing about confidence is that it is a mental state you can develop to advance in all areas of life. Confidence gives you strength with style. It is that something which someone admires. And once you have it, your success will become inevitable.
• Learn why becoming strong emotionally and mentally should be your no.1 priority
• Increase your confidence, so that you can take action towards creating the life you desire
• Discover resources to help you live in a healthy self- talk internally and externally, mind, body and soul.
• Find out how to build a winner self, and finally release fear
• Acquire simple communication skills so that you have certainty communicating healthily to others.

I have a passionate heart to bring awareness to lives, digging deep for the change that every individual deserves in all areas of life and invited to speak on international stages!

I work with women to reconnect their courage and confidence so that they can achieve big goals and permanently improve their results in every area of their lives!

I have acquired many certifications, due to my own health I had to step away from my primary hands on therapy which lead me to coaching, mentoring and motivational speaking and it’s been AMAZING to share a gift strengthened from my own journey! Being able to empower, inspire and connect women to achieve their goals, reconnect their confidence & Live their BEST LIFE!

If you are ready to take your life to the next level!
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