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Elizabeth Critchley

Calgary, Alberta

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Calgary, Alberta

About Elizabeth Critchley

Investing in life and business coaching is critical for anyone who values their time and chooses to consciously create the life or business they will be proud of. 

I work with motivated individuals and organizations to facilitate change in their personal or professional life. I provide the opportunity for clients to strategically maximize their potential by helping them clarify values, set goals and manage transitions. What sets me apart from other coaches is the cooperative nature of my coaching. Clients set the agenda; it is my role to hold their vision for them and steer them back to it as they make change. I have a unique ability to listen to my clients. To hear not only what is said, but also what is left unsaid, and to help clients create their vision of excellence. Together as growth occurs, values and goals are refined and clients are held accountable to achieve them.

From my years working in education, I have observed that people become inspired after listening to a speaker or attending a motivational session. The reality is that often once back in their real world, the experience simply becomes a memory. Coaching turns ideas and goals into reality; keeping the learning alive and allowing the client to create positive sustainable change.

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