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Karen Yackel

Calgary, Alberta, T3A 6B5

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Calgary, Alberta, T3A 6B5

About Karen Yackel

Are you someone who just wants to lead a better life? Perhaps you are looking for more joy in everyday or want to enhance your skills and talents. You may have negative self-talk and want to build more positive habits and grow more confidence. Your career may not be fulfilling but you aren't sure what steps to take.

I am a Life Path and Empowerment Coach and I work with Women of all ages to assist them to design the life they want to live.

My clients work on identifying strengths and learning to believe in them. We also work to identify and define values. In doing this clients begin to see the growth and new confidence that they were looking for. They understand better who they are so they can start to design the life they want to live. The life that is in alignment with their values, fills them with joy and empowers them to move forward, set and attain goals, and just live a happier life.

I have a simple perspective and an easy style. My coaching is custom fit for each individual. I believe we all have all the answers we need but could use a non-judgmental ear to listen and help us focus and dig deeper into our dreams.

I named my business Woman in the Mirror Coaching because many years ago during a difficult time in my life I looked in the mirror one day and didn't like WHO I saw. I was, angry, sad and overwhelmed. That day I decided to make changes and now I want to share with my clients how to make those changes for themselves and be proud of WHO they see in the mirror, whether it is about a goal set and attained, habits that are positive and healthy, new methods of self care, or tools they are now using to make their life the life of their dreams.