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Nola Peacock

Calgary, Alberta, T1S 1E4

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Calgary, Alberta, T1S 1E4

About Nola Peacock

Hi, my name is Nola and I am a Kids Confidence coach, Parent Educator, Pediatric Nurse, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Mentor Practitioner. I work with children and parents on issues that arise, such as difficulties communicating, anxiety, bullying, or depression. I also work with families who are going through a divorce or other difficult family situation.

My background in pediatric nursing, 30 years of mentoring children through music, and personal experience with a teen who struggled with depression, created my passion to help ease difficult situations for other children, teens and their parents . I have developed a unique program to help children and teens deal with low self-esteem, anxiety or depression. Using a holistic approach, I work with parents, to walk them through challenging times, one step at a time.

I feel truly blessed to work with parents and help them empower their children. I love seeing kids bursting with confidence, openly talking with their parents about their troubles, and being excited about going to school again. I also love hearing parents say they can finally sleep through the night without worrying about their child.

If you are ready to finally sleep through the night without worrying about your child or family situation, call or email me right now to set up a free 20 minute exploratory session, to see if I can help ease your struggles and offer you solutions. You can also visit my website, www.confidenthappykids.com to get some tools and tips on how to solve some of your problems today.