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Coach Rev Carrie -Ann Baron in Calgary AB

Rev Carrie -Ann Baron

Calgary, Alberta, T3A 5L9

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Calgary, Alberta, T3A 5L9

About Rev Carrie -Ann Baron

Rev. Carrie-Ann Baron believes living life with ease and happiness is not only possible, but is our natural flow state. She helps people achieve this by showing them how to connect with their higher selves, the spirit of others, the blessed earth, and the non-physical elements of this world.

Rev. Carrie-Ann knows that your reality is an outcome of your approach, input and energetic attitude. She gives you the personal attention you deserve and works with your experience, knowledge, and understanding to help you align with your soul’s desire to rise to a higher vibrational level, enabling you to reach your personal success in life and business within weeks.

From an early age, Rev. Carrie-Ann’s desire to break through any obstacles she encountered allowed her to unearth her power and find the truth within herself to break through any barrier to success. This has led her to develop effective strategies to support and guide others through their own obstacles, emotions and road blocks so they can live their best life. She invests in others, helping them to find inspiration and purpose, and she does so using the qualities and the flow of a feminine leader.

Rev. Carrie-Ann’s passion is to help you discover and express your potential and lift your doubts from your mind. Her hope is you will discover why your purpose is bigger than your objections and help you see your path to success and happiness more clearly.

Rev. Carrie-Ann draws from the teachings of the Tao, other Metaphysical concepts, and her innate gift as a Claircognizant Intuitive in her ministry. Rev. Carrie-Ann uses this gift to help her clients elevate their intuition, blending intuition with intellect; and the intangible with the tangible. She is dedicated to guiding spiritual seekers & heart -centered entrepreneurs in eliminating the struggle, so they can have more energy and focus to strive for and enjoy personal confidence and success.