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Sam Rafoss

Calgary, Alberta

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Calgary, Alberta

About Sam Rafoss

Are you questioning how much alcohol you drink or how often?

I've been a holistic entrepreneur for over 20 years and sober for two years. 

My whole life I've been dedicated to healthy living and embracing the mind, spirit, body connection. Since I was this spiritually evolved health nut, I didn't realize how addicted to wine I'd become until I tried to quit.

Embracing a 30 day alcohol-free experiment early in 2020 was the catalyst I needed to transform my life. Celebrating two years of sobriety, I'm committed to living life as a non-drinker. It is clear to me how much better my life is without trying to moderate my daily wine habit. 

Sober and Serene is my legacy mission to help people embrace sobriety, get healthy and take control of their life. Schedule your free discovery session to find out how I can help you Seek Your Peace path to serenity one step at a time.