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Meet Coach Nearby Shawna Campbell in Edmonton AB

Shawna Campbell

Edmonton, Alberta, T6W 0V8

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Edmonton, Alberta, T6W 0V8

About Shawna Campbell

I'm known by my clients as the People Whisperer for my strong intuition, awareness-building conversations, and brain-based techniques and tools for helping individuals, couples, and organizations create the changes they're seeking.

I loved Nancy Drew, a talented, amateur teenage detective who was always solving some great mystery. So when I was a child, in-between wanting to be a rock star, a scientist and a wildlife photographer, I was convinced that I too could have great adventures like Nancy Drew – not so much. Instead, I put my budding sleuthing talents to work by learning about the mysteries of people, our behaviour, and our bodies. I was always curious about this whole journey of life, from being alive to living fully alive.

Fast forward to today, and I'm living a sort of Nancy Drew adventure, helping my clients figure out what would bring them the most joy and peace, reading the clues and solving what's getting in the way, and then helping them to design a plan to live fully alive – On Purpose.

In 2007, I graduated from Coach University and began a career as a Certified Life Coach. Adding to a Diploma in Holistic Health Therapy and multiple certificates, including Emotional Freedom Technique and Touch for Health. I have recently graduated as a Certified Applied Neuroscience Coach and will continue to learn to be on the forefront of the coaching and human potential movement.

In my downtime, I can be found hanging out with my husband Jodi, reading, trying out new recipes, travelling, and always attempting to wear as much blue as possible.

I love what I do, and I'm confident that we can turn today's dreams into tomorrow's reality. I look forward to working with you.