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Kalina White

Rocky Mountain House, T4T2A2

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Rocky Mountain House, T4T2A2

About Kalina White

As a stay at home parent, executive assistant and solopreneur, I struggled with extreme exhaustion, paralyzing overwhelm and countless symptoms of burnout repeatedly.

The responsibility and expectations I put on myself were more than I could bare. I felt drained, out of control, lost and wanting to escape. Yet, the feeling that I was meant for something greater propelled me onward... but I didn't have the time, energy or the confidence to make it happen.

I knew there had to be a way that I could pursue this inner desire, regardless of how much time and energy it took away from me. As someone who has been to burnout and back a few times, I'm here to tell you, you have more inner strength and power over your life than you think.

I'm a determined over-achiever and perfectionist who puts alot of pressure and expectations on myself. I have spent years holding myself back from what truly matters.

Once, I challenged my beliefs and prioritized myself. I started using my time more intentional and found that I could pursue and nurture what really mattered to me. I started mediating and journalling. I went to the gym, practiced yoga, went for daily walks and left work at the end of the day, with enough energy for my family. I enrolled in many personal development programs and then Health Coaching Institute, where I graduated with honors in 2017.

Whether you want to spend more time with family and friends, build a business or lose weight and feel better in your own skin, there are ways to find the time, energy and confidence you need to pursue those things that matter most to you.

I guide and support professional women to transform from burnout to vitality through awareness and habit change, so that they can take back control of their lives and feel alive!