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Amy Klous

Mesa, Arizona, 85207

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Mesa, Arizona, 85207
United States

About Amy Klous

I’m Amy Klous, a Certified Integral Coach specializing in developmental coaching. I work with you from a whole human-being approach to personal and professional growth and development. Cultivating our capacity for self leadership helps us be better leaders for others in the process.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Stress and overwhelm having you spinning. You're searching for purpose and meaning. Lacking confidence. Feeling lost in looking for results in your life or career and can’t seem to get through it on your own. Relationships need improvement. Going through a change in life and need outside guidance. Stuck in indecision. Limiting beliefs keep holding you back from being your best. Strong inner critic is defeating. Wanting more respect. Need work/life balance. Afraid of speaking up and your voice heard. Wanting to be seen as a leader. Desire to step more fully into life.

It doesn't have to be that way. I will be your guide in this journey to develop balance, resilience and confidence to move forward in your own unique power while quieting your inner critic. Developing self-leadership helps you be an even better leader, embody leadership presence, lead a more fulfilling life and become more resilient during set backs.

My clients tell me that they have new-found confidence and motivation where they had previously felt held back. They see more possibilities for themselves and are better able to handle stressors. My care and compassion with each individual client leaves them feeling seen, heard and transformed. The work we've done lays the foundation for continued growth and development.

I work with you where you are at in your life and bring in practices to help you embody a new way of being to make the shifts you’re looking to achieve.

Individual, group and team coaching options available. Please reach out to discuss for more information and if we are a fit.

Serving Leaders in AEC Architecture, Engineering and Construction and Manufacturing.