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Vicki Eaton

Mesa, Arizona, 85210

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Mesa, Arizona, 85210
United States

About Vicki Eaton

Have you grown dissatisfied with where you are in life right now? Maybe you've been working to build a career but started questioning, "Why am I doing this? What is my life really all about?" Or maybe you've spent a lot of time taking care of everyone else and you've wondered, "When will there ever be time for me? When can I develop the spiritual (or creative or adventurous) part of myself?" Or maybe you are retiring soon and you want to do something satisfying and meaningful with the time you have left.

You've worked hard and paid attention to "doing the right thing," but now you're questioning if it's still the right thing for you. Even if you knew what the new "right thing" is, you aren't sure what steps to take to move towards it. And even if you knew what steps to take, maybe you see too many obstacles or a lack of confidence to step out into unknown territory.

That's where coaching can be so helpful!

As a coach, I will help you listen down deep to your heart and assess what you're truly passionate about, what you need and value most in your life for it to be fulfilling, what your truest gifts and strengths are. Together, we'll explore what obstacles and beliefs interfere with you living a life that is satisfying and meaningful. You'll figure out more about your life's purpose and mission. And then we'll work together to develop a plan so you can start taking steps toward living a life you would love to live.

The people I work with often report experiencing greater resilience in handling life's stresses, increased acceptance & confidence in themselves, more freedom to pursue their hopes and dreams, a deepening of their spiritual faith, and a growing desire to give back or share something beneficial with the world.

So, what do you want to be different in your life? What are you willing to change? It would be a privilege to be part of your journey towards creating a life that is more in alignment with how you most desire to live your life