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Anthony Spearman

Phoenix, 85009

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Phoenix, 85009

About Anthony Spearman

Anthony J. Spearman specializes in Executive/Leadership Coaching with a passion for Emerging Leadership, Minority Leadership, Operational Leadership, and Introverted Leadership Development. An expert in helping clients visualize and actualize their goals, Anthony’s open, engaging, and relatable approach allows his clients to leverage their strengths into both personal and professional success.

Having coached, mentored, and developed countless leaders from Amazon, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, and several start-up companies; Anthony has developed a coaching style all his own. An approach focused on the whole person, offering a level-headed yet empathetic thinking and accountability partner. This approach facilitates goal setting and accomplishment in order to achieve one’s best professional and/or personal self. Recognizing that in the world of coaching and development, one size does not fit all, Anthony's unique experiences and training allows him to provide adaptable coaching services, customized to each client's individual passions and goals.

Anthony began his career in leadership for a start-up company in the early 2000s. Since then, his myriad of professional experiences (start-up & established / big corporation & small business) have enabled the development of a cross-functional coaching style adaptable to any open-minded client. He holds a certification in executive and personal coaching from the College of Executive Coaching, and is tracking on a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He received his Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management from the Florida Institute of Technology, and is a FAA-certified private pilot. Anthony is a member of the ICF, National Education Association (NEA) Minority Leadership Training, and the United Way’s Emerging Leaders Society.