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Teri Lerew

Tucson, 85704

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Tucson, 85704

About Teri Lerew

I welcome working with clients that have had life challenges that range from not living the life that they want to live to not being able to say no in both their careers and their relationships. They feel as though embracing happiness in their current employment or their daily lives is difficult, unattainable or even disenchanting. They feel that they are living in a state of flux and not living to their fullest potential.
In partnership, together we will curate a rich and valuable program that will emphasize adventure and playfulness. This allows clients to comfortably journey down a path of discovering new possibilities in living their fullest lives! I promise to stretch my clients and to give structured accountability activities to help move them closer to their current and sustainable goals. Early on, my clients realize that I am supportive, understanding and trustworthy and also quickly understand the benefits of working with a vested life coach!
I am enthusiastic, energetic and adventurous and I love to meet new people! I am a wife and mom and I honor the importance of weaving nature into living my best life! I have been very fortunate to have experienced a diverse employment and entrepreneurial background which has afforded me the luxury to work with people of many talents, dynamics and diversity. I have connected with these humans by many creative means allowing me to foster and encourage hope in them, and others, that I meet on a daily basis.
Let’s do this together! I would be most honored to be your coach!