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Tamara M Allen

Tamara M. Allen is a motivational speaker (T. Allen Speaks™) who seeks to uplift and empower people to grow and develop into their purpose. As a Certified

Atlanta, Georgia, 30346, United States

Gina DeKorff

  I turn aspiring actors, athletes, and leaders into happy, powerful, wise, confidant, and wealthy individuals. Using my sacred and secret technologies

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Michelle M. Marto

I am an Executive Performance Coach and Keynote Speaker. I work to empower people to reach their highest potential professionally and personally leading to

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Keyuri Joshi

As an ICF Certified Life, Parenting, & Emotional Intelligence Coach, and with many years of experience in the field of wellbeing, Keyuri is an expert

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Connie Bivens

I have been interested in helping people overcome challenges and expand their experiences since I can remember. My interest in people and their stories led

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Danny Cole

I help entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and leaders create a stronger than failure mindset and the mental resilience needed to get

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Hanni Berger

What does your healthiest and most JOYful life look like? Are you looking to rekindle your marriage again, build a stronger relationship with your children,

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Connie Menser

I help coaches and entrepreneurs amplify their strengths, blaze their own trail and share their brilliance so they can build an out-of-the box business and

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Charles Freeland

Do you feel like happiness is out of reach? Haven’t you done all the things you were supposed to do to be happy? So why aren’t you? Life IS more

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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