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Olivia Wilson

Auckland, Auckland

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Auckland, Auckland
New Zealand

About Olivia Wilson

Hi there. My name is Olivia Wilson and I'm an Emotional Wellness Practitioner.

I specialise in helping people release emotional trauma and blocks with The Emotion Code and Clinical EFT Tapping. I also practice PSYCH-K, Life Coaching, and The Body Code. I have used these techniques on myself and clients for years with great results and I'd like to share them with you.

I offer a unique and holistic experience by combining the use of EFT Tapping and The Emotion Code. They are designed to get to the heart of the matter for lasting change and deep healing. 

I work with motivated individuals who are focused on acknowledging past patterns and behaviours that know longer serve them and help them achieve the peace and clarity they crave. 

I look forward to meeting you,


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