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Peter Van Wyk

Founder at Mindobody Coach
Auckland, Auckland, 2014

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    Auckland, Auckland, 2014
    New Zealand

    About Peter Van Wyk

    Struggling to attract the perfect coaching clients? Your breakthrough lies in positioning yourself strategically, to guarantee not missing out on high-value opportunities.

    Imagine a coaching business where you spend less time chasing clients and more time pursuing your passions. A perfect balance between coaching and investing in yourself, your loved ones, and your dreams. Among the many hurdles you face as a coach, finding and engaging the right clients can be your biggest challenge, especially when you're just starting out. The endless grind of marketing can dampen the initial spark that ignited your passion for coaching. But don't be too quick to blame your marketing; it's not always the culprit. With the barrage of contradictory marketing advice around, things can get confusing.

    Frustration can set in when your efforts don't get results. You've followed all the rules and advice to a T, but still the results remain elusive. You might even consider throwing in the towel. It's a path others have walked, some giving up right on the verge of a breakthrough. Little did they know that a simple shift in positioning could have been the game-changer they needed to achieve their dreams.

    That's where I come in. With over 23 years of online experience, I've navigated the vast landscape of websites, marketing tools, and marketing advice, learning what doesn't work. Through all those years, one truth became crystal clear: positioning is paramount. It's about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right message. Everything else orbits around this core concept. If you've ever suspected that there must be an easier way than endlessly publishing content online, you're right.

    Consider the 80/20 principle, which applies to nearly every facet of life. Less than 1% of what we do yields over 51% of our results.

    So, what can you do? Position yourself strategically with a compelling story profile and a problem-solving offer. Let high-value clients discover you when they urgently seek a solution you provide. This approach is the 80/20 rule in action.

    Mindobody is the place where you can establish a standout presence in the right context, craft curated content to establish your expertise, and master lead capture techniques through our Academy to draw clients to your profile.

    You'll connect with prospects who really need your help, attracting only those who perfectly align with your business. Work with people you genuinely enjoy and who pay well. Their satisfying experience with you leads to glowing reviews, and you'll make a substantial impact in your coaching space.

    In this scenario, your income increases, and you craft the lifestyle you desire. Isn't this the dream of every coach?

    Right now, you might be putting your hopes in the hands of social media and search engines, posting fervently and competing with millions of content pieces posted every day, praying for a client to notice you among the chaos. They scroll, scan, skip, and move on. The cycle repeats.

    It's clear that if you want to capture the right attention, you need to position yourself effectively. Invest your time and resources where you'll stand out, where you attract the right audience genuinely interested in your coaching.

    At Mindobody, we're committed to helping you position yourself close to the conversion hole. Click the button below to explore our exclusive offers, that help you get a hole in one!

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    Monday to Friday
    6am to 2pm (GMT + 12.00)
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    Online via Stripe
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    Lead Generation
    Viral Referral Marketing
    Digital Marketing
    Certifications & Awards
    Blogging for your Business (Lynda.com)
    Google Analytics Essential Training (Lynda.com)
    SEO Fundamentals (Lynda.com)
    Screenwriting Fundamentals (Lynda.com)
    Writing Marketing Copy (Lynda.com)
    Creating an Effective Content Strategy for Your Website (Lynda.com)
    SEO: Keyword Strategy in Depth (Lynda.com)
    SEO Copywriting Certification (SuccessWorks)

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