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Sue Wald

Specialties: Life Coaching

Typically women come to me because they are feeling stuck. Although things may look successful on the outside, they may feel all their energy is going into

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Kathryn Wiseman

Specialties: Life Coaching

I am a purpose and wellness life coach.  My passion is to equip you to live the life you have been uniquely designed to live.  Do you feel confused


Theresa George

Personal & Professional life coach

Karen Freedman

Specialties: Life Coaching

I am Karen Freedman,  I partner with you in critical and creative thinking, leadership development, building performance and motivation, career and life

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Sumaiya Siddiqui

Specialties: Life Coaching

Being Positive & Resilient is the coolest way to go! Have you experienced it?  Do you desire to be Resilient and own a Positive Mindset? Do


Nadine Leighton

Specialties: Life Coaching

I help you to master your mind so you create empowering beliefs, supportive boundaries and habits that focus on what you want to achieve. I empower individuals

Adamstown, New South Wales, Australia

Estelle Kelly

Specialties: Life Coaching

It makes my heart sing when I see clients making positive changes in their lives. I am dedicated to supporting prospective retirees facing the non financial

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Sonya Davies

Specialties: Life Coaching

"I facilitate inquiry, inspire curiosity & challenge assumptions creating space for innovative thought & positive change" As a leadership,


Andrew Healey

Background Born and raised in North West England near Manchester, and have lived in Australia since 2010. Career My background started in Management Consultancy

Newcastle, New South Wales, NSW, Australia

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