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Heather Symes

Kaleden, British Columbia, V0H 1K0

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Kaleden, British Columbia, V0H 1K0

About Heather Symes

Are you going through a major life transition, such as divorce, job loss, or the kids have left home, and now you don't know who the heck you are anymore, or what you should be doing?

Perhaps you’re a young adult trying to find your way, or place, in the world. Maybe you’ve tried counselling, but that hasn’t helped. Essentially there’s nothing wrong with you, but you’re trying to look towards the future and it looks like a gaping hole, or a jumbled mess. Or it could be that you know what you want, but you keep doing things the wrong way, or you simply don't know where to start.

Do you have that voice inside that says: “Who do you think you are to want that?” or “You’ll never be/do or have that!”?

Partnering with a coach is like heading out on an exciting journey of discovery, with someone by your side every step of the way. Someone who will keep you looking forward to the possibilities, who will help you create goals – big and small – to keep you moving towards a fulfilling, purposeful, and happier life.

As a future-focused transformation coach I help my clients find their way out of the fog and to discover a life that is aligned with their values, needs and desires. Often we tackle limiting beliefs which, in many cases, have resulted in low self-worth and lack of confidence. Once these negative beliefs have been dealt with, it's as if the perspective of what is possible becomes panoramic rather than looking though a keyhole!