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Meet Coach Nearby Cougar Brenneman in Langley, British BC

Cougar Brenneman

Langley, British, British Columbia, V4W 1N5

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Langley, British, British Columbia, V4W 1N5

About Cougar Brenneman

Mastering the inner game of career advancement is important to you, whether you’re sending resumes into a black hole or if you’ve worked 30 years and simply want more time with your grandchildren. I learned about my inner game at a time when I was crippled by fear that almost got the best of me—a time when both money and insurance were running out.

Throughout the job market, your competition consists of people who are vying to elbow their way to the front of the line. You may believe that you need to knuckle down and try harder, network constantly, research what employers are looking for, and all the other things that your competition is also doing, right now. These strategies, though important, only make you one of the crowd.

Mastering your inner game makes you stand out from your competition and increases the chance that your career will be a happy one. What I learned was to set my self-absorbed concerns aside to create a deep rapport with a man who was about to become the best boss I’ve ever had. At that moment, I learned that employers do not want to hire or promote someone who is acting a role to give a good impression. Employers want someone who gets them, who can both understand what they need and authentically care.

Your inner game begins with designing a career plan that expresses what you love. Then you'll use empathy for every step along the way, from reading job listings to interviewing to seeking promotions. Your inner game will improve every time you practice it.

After mastering this process, you’ll not only find work that you love, but you’ll also use your career as a vehicle for enhancing self-awareness and self-knowledge.

I’ve coached and facilitated groups for 18 years, using an evolving set of tools, e.g., hypnosis, EFT, & Immunity to Change methods. I founded the Joyful Wisdom Community, a group who uses quantum meditation practices & centered conversation (the Chrysalis). I have a BA in clinical psychology & certification in hypnotherapy.