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Meet Coach Nearby Fiona Galbraith in Nelson BC

Fiona Galbraith

Nelson, British Columbia, BC

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Contact Information

Nelson, British Columbia, BC

About Fiona Galbraith

Certified Life Coach-in-Training at Martha Beck, Inc.

Growing up in a large city, I’d use any opportunity to escape into nature. That passion for the outdoors has led me to a career in energy conservation and climate change action planning. I collaborate with local and provincial level governments in implementing projects that lead to tangible greenhouse gas emission reductions and energy savings.

I’m passionate about community building and engagement. I’m a trained mediator and helped found the Nelson Good Neighbours mediation program. I recruited City of Nelson staff for the EcoAction Team that has implemented projects including a staff energy survey with a 92% response rate and a successful workplace composting program. I’ve educated city council in action plans, offering a variety of greenhouse gas reduction targets with associated budgets from which to choose Nelson’s path towards climate action. To date, I’ve acted as project manager on over 50 different energy conservation projects with 10 additional projects scheduled to be completed by 2015.

What keeps me motivated? Seeing that I can make a difference within a community. What keeps me going? Achieving measurable results including a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and an $80,000 savings in yearly energy costs within the City of Nelson’s corporate operations. My goal is to work myself out of a job in order to take on the next energy challenge.