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Jeanell Greene

New Westminster, British Columbia, V3M 0A1

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I am a Certified Life and Relationship Coach committed to helping people live a life they love, full of love, purpose, joy, and freedom. I work mostly with couples who are looking to save their marriage and save their kids from generational trauma. I teach them important tools and skills on how to be better parents, partners, and people. I also work with people who are going through a life or career transition.

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    935 Ewen Ave
    New Westminster, British Columbia, V3M 0A1

    About Jeanell Greene

    Hi! I'm Jeanell. I'm a Certified Life and Relationship coach! 

    MY MISSION:  to bring love and healing to the world.

    When I was 9 years old, my world was turned completely upside down when my parents split up due to my dad’s infidelity. I spent the next 20 years struggling to have healthy relationships and to deal with my feelings of unworthiness, trust, and abandonment. And although my parents got back together and our family was made whole again, it impacted me so profoundly (and still does) which led me down the path of personal development, and eventually coaching other people who are also battling feelings of unworthiness, guilt/shame, abandonment and trust issues. 

    No child should ever have to experience feeling unloved. 

    Our kids deserve to witness what love, patience, understanding, and partnership look like. They can only mimic what they know and have experienced. We cannot expect our kids to have happy and healthy relationships if we don’t teach them what that looks and sounds like.  

      I am so passionate about people living happy and extraordinary lives full of joy, adventure, and connection. 

    As a highly trained coach, I offer hope, tools, and accountability to couples who are on the brink of divorce and want to save their marriage and finally end the vicious cycle of generational trauma. 

    We all deserve to be happy and we all deserve to be loved and to love.

    This is why I do what I do.

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