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Jody Kennett

North Vancouver, British Columbia, BC

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North Vancouver, British Columbia, BC

About Jody Kennett

I elevate people to lead their life, career and business by developing their leader within to have breakthroughs in clarity, limiting beliefs, growth, confidence, communication, and leadership. As a certified leadership, life, and health coach certified with the International Coach Federation, I coach both the leader building their business or career and the whole person supporting their health and life goals. With specializations in Women's Leadership, Communication coaching, and Confidence coaching, I coach women building their business or career to thrive in alignment with who they are, what they want, and to own their power.

A few of the coaching programs I offer to support people in living their best life are "Lead Your Life", the "Elevate Leaders Success Path", and the "Women's Thrive Tribe". My first career was in the health and wellness industry and this passion has carried forward into my coaching as a health and peak performance coach. I have a diploma in Kinesiology from SFU, certified as an ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, and a PN1 Health Coach. The coaching program I created to support people to be in their peak health and energy while also having peak performance is called Peak Energy 4 Performance.

If you are in a place where you want to start leading your life, want to step into owning a leadership role with confidence, or want to lead your career or business to success and elevate yourself as a leader, you are exactly who I serve. In addition, I coach leaders who are working very hard and feel they may have lost their life or health along the way to work, to claim their life happiness back!

Reach out if you would like a complimentary coaching session or to learn more about any of the coaching programs here. The 'Elevated Leader Success Path' is a comprehensive program that begins with life leadership, advances through a variety of leadership growth stages and is supported with peak energy performance coaching. Go to website to learn more.