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Charina Cruz

Vancouver, V6Z3G7

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Vancouver, V6Z3G7

About Charina Cruz

I work with people who want more for themselves --> More happiness/success/fulfillment/balance not only in their professional but also personal life.

You know change has to happen but you don't know what you should be doing. What is your calling or purpose? Perhaps you've forgotten what you're passionate about? Or not sure what the first steps to take? Perhaps you're lost or in the brinks of being overwhelmed.

My whole career has been helping people grow and achieve their goals. I've lived and worked across 5 continents. Not only have I helped hundreds of people through change and transition – I have personally been through it more times than I can count. I've been an award-winning Career Advisor; a Recruiter and Executive Headhunter (where I relocated people from around the world) and a Business and Growth Consultant for Entrepreneurs and Companies. I also have an Adventure Social Enterprise in Tanzania - ANDA African Adventures – integrating travel with positive social impact.

I understand what it takes to create a fulfilling life. Through my 15 + years of coaching and consulting, I've learned that everyone wants a sense of happiness, fulfillment, and success. It's about exploring your Inner Compass, cultivating the right growth and positive mindset, gaining clarity with your needs and wants, creating an Action Plan and solidifying achievement by taking steps to make it happen. I also wrote a book - The Practical Guidebook to Career Success - How to Get Any Job You Want (& More) to help clients step-by-step.

I'm a pragmatic, process-oriented, results-driven, positive outcome, fun-loving type of Coach who is the ultimate enabler of helping people achieve their goals and dreams! I believe that “Harmonious Success” in our 7 Core Pillars paves the road for people living their best life. You can read more about my passion and track record of success with my clients on my website! Or better yet, let's talk and have a powerful free Success Strategy together.