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Magdalena Blasiak


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About Magdalena Blasiak

Hi I’m Magdalena. I’m a project management professional, facilitator and leadership coach. I work with individuals and organizations in the areas of leadership development, personal growth and performance.

Why I Coach

I believe we all have purpose. We can make an impact on whatever we touch. We can thrive and live well when the trifecta is in alignment: purpose, values and strengths. I can get you here, where you are in alignment. I work with people to transform their leadership and their lives. I personalize each of my engagements to suit the situation.

No matter what the challenge, big or small we work through it together. Guided by thought-provoking conversations, creative processes and aspects of accountability, I coach people to gain clarity, confidence and alignment. Shining brightly forward and growing exponentially over time.

I blend coaching with project management methodologies to help you set a roadmap for your transformation, so it’s iterative and we celebrate successes along the way. The ultimate goal, to align who you are with what you do. Are you ready to set a plan for your transformation?