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Rebecca Beaton

Vancouver, V5Y 1N3

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Vancouver, V5Y 1N3

About Rebecca Beaton

WHAT I DO: I help people who are dissatisfied with their job figure out what they actually want to do, so they can make their greatest impact and reach their full potential. Basically, I help you figure out what you want to do with your life :) Then, I support you in MAKING IT HAPPEN.

WHY I DO IT: I believe in using our work as a force for good in the world, because let's be honest... this world needs some lovin'. I also believe in designing our careers so they are a source of joy and pleasure, rather than stress and strain--when we're happy in our work, this spills over into all areas of our lives, and ultimately ends up in more loving for everyone.

HOW I DO IT: I look at your unique strengths, skills, values, purpose, and ideal lifestyle, and help you come up with some solid career ideas that match these criteria. From there I guide you through researching and trialing your chosen career/business ideas so you know with absolute certainty it's the right fit for you.

Once you know what you want to do, I help you develop your personal brand and online presence so your uniqueness shines through and you know how to position yourself as an expert in your field. Then I guide you through the job-search process where you build genuine relationships with people offline and online until your dream job manifests (and we by-pass the ineffective strategy of applying to online job postings).

And guess what? I'm a great listener and intuitive. If you get stuck on something, or fear is getting in the way of what you want, I'll help you bust through those no problemo.

Also, being an introvert myself, I am a *pro* at making this process introvert-friendly. So say bye bye to large, networking schmooze-fests!

Google "Rebecca Beaton career coach" to find my website and learn more.