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Robin Wong


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About Robin Wong

This is Who I Am:

In addition to Helping others and Making a difference, my passion is Having Fun, Making 

Memories and Mentoring others to Live Life to the Fullest. Also known as mrkarmajunkie, 

as the name implies, I “Get High“ by helping others. I am an Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker,

Strategic Philanthropist, Marketing and Social Media Mentor, Host/MC, and Go to Guy

As a Happiness Coach, my goal is to help others feel good about themselves, so they can 

make a greater difference in this world. 

Aligning myself with Brilliant people who love to serve, I am proud to lead, teach and inspire 

others to greater success in business and in life. My biggest desire is to be a Guiding Light 

for all and I am truly dedicated to the success of others by living the Promise to Serve all 

the people I meet with Honesty, Integrity and Love.

This is Who I Help

I help those who need a boost or transformation in their life, their business or their 

overall success. I'm excited about meeting others and learning about their needs 

and desires and how we can best support one another.

This is How I Help:

If you are making a difference and/or have a desire for that, we should talk. I am always 

excited to align with and bring awareness to people and organizations that feel that way.