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Stephanie Kollmann

Vancouver, V6N3C9

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Vancouver, V6N3C9

About Stephanie Kollmann

Life is too short to suffer and quarrel with oneself and others.

Poor communication with ourselves and others, limiting beliefs, and traumatic life events make it difficult for us to live the life we dream of & deserve.

Unlock a happier and healthier life through the courage of discovering and facing your blindspots.

I am a very passionate, empathic, and intuitive person who tunes into people’s needs easily. I am here to support people to reach their goals and to give them the very best I have to offer.

I have always been interested in learning about how our minds work and what we can do to overcome challenges in order to create a healthier and happier lifestyle. I found my answers in coaching.

Guiding you From The Ground Up! It all starts from the ground up when we lost the connection to our roots. Our cunning mind is the master of self-sabotage and wants us to stay "safe" in the known, which we often get stuck in because we are afraid to move.
I am here to help you connect with your true self and understand yourself in a real, honest, and authentic way to learn how to create a healthy & happy lifestyle!

I was born and raised in the alpine area of Austria, but despite its beauty, I needed a change, a road trip of adventure. I fell in love with Canada and made it my home.

I'll help you with:
- Relationships
- Communication
- Intimacy & passion
- Changing habits/patterns
- Stress/anxiety
- Addictions
- Anger
- Boundaries
- Self-esteem/self-love

--> IMPROVE your relationship with yourself and others.
--> OVERCOME life-changing challenges that can cause a lot of mental, emotional, and physical stress that can lead to anxiety, addictions, or depression.
--> STEP into your confidence to live the life you want.

I offer online coaching sessions in English & German.
In person Coaching/Counseling sessions in Vancouver B.C.

Awareness is the first step to any kind of healing.