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Jonathan French

Victoria, V8V3H8

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Victoria, V8V3H8

About Jonathan French

Are you:
Scattered at work or in your personal life??
Excelling in certain areas, but struggling in others?
Overwhelmed and burnt out?
Lacking work-life boundaries?
Feeling like you think and do things differently?

Do you want to:
Use time more effectively?
Leverage your strengths and talents?
Improve focus and start tasks more easily?
Learn how to organize and plan in a way that works for your brain?
Feel in control?

You’re in the right place.

I help my clients work with their ADHD to create systems, routines, habits, and skills that are ADHD informed and friendly.

ADHD can create real barriers for you in your career and home life. It can also be an asset for many people who can leverage their unique ways of thinking. Many people with ADHD are highly creative, intuitive, out-of-the-box problem solvers who thrive in the right circumstances and struggle in the wrong ones.

You likely have some things that you are really good at (you do), and these are often offset by barriers that make it hard to leverage our strengths. I help people to identify what they need to succeed by working with their unique ways of doing things. Developing systems, routines, and tools that are ADHD-friendly can help you manage things in a way that lets you be authentic and focus on your ‘zone of genius’. I am here to offer unconditional, continuous support in creating the change you want to see and achieving the goals you have.

Common coaching outcomes:

More control over day-to-day life
Improved peace of mind
Confidence to tackle challenges in business, work, or home life
More time spent in their ‘zone of genius’
The ability to set goals and create plans that work effectively
The ability to work and live in more ADHD friendly ways
Improved time-management and organization