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Karen Cator


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About Karen Cator

I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping women navigate the middle years and the significant life changes that can occur between what was and what can be. 

My area of focus is around the middle years when so often we experience significant changes in our relationships, health, appearance, career, (and let us not forget) our purpose, passion, and self-worth.  

Are you struggling with your changing role and identity- such as becoming a grandmother, an empty nester, a retiree, a widow, or a divorcee…? 

Do you need support with your changing role from daughter to caregiver for your aging parents?  

Are you considering retirement or a lifestyle change? 

What do the next years look like for you in terms of how you spend your time?  (so many options) 

The middle years can be a pivotal time to reassess one’s life and explore new opportunities. I have a keen appreciation for the courage it takes to set out on the journey with you in a collaborative, supportive (and yes even fun) way.

The middle is messy but it is also where the MAGIC happens.