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Coach Camilla Joubert in West Vancouver BC

Camilla Joubert

West Vancouver, V7S3B3

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West Vancouver, V7S3B3

About Camilla Joubert

I came to coaching later in my life, after my own midlife journey or crisis if you will. Now I want to inspire others in the middle of their lives to find new meaning and a new focus, and dare to dream again.
I love coaching and see people grow. I became interested in lifestyle coaching and NLP after writing and collating a volume of short stories about women’s experiences through midlife trials and tribulations. I realized the power of solution-focused coaching and was inspired to fulfill a long time calling of encouraging others to be their very best even in challenging times. After a short therapy experience 7 years ago, the therapist said: "I don't normally say this, but you should become a therapist!" At the time I didn't think much of it and was instead slightly flattered. The doors opened to coaching a few years later and the journey unfolded.