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Alameda, California, 94501

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Alameda, California, 94501
United States

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I am a Cognitive and Behavioral Coach who specializes in personal coaching, control of emotions, behavioral issues, personal growth, relationships, self-esteem, shyness and confidence issues.  I received my degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, and I have a master degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Palo Alto University. I have been coaching adults with life, cognitive and behavioral problems for many years. I have extensive experience as a behavioral and health coach with people from diverse paths and the Latino community. I have been trained in coaching behaviors helping people to improve their self-confidence and discovering their innate talents. My approaches are derived from my intelligence, intuition, experience, holistic view and goal-oriented strategies to facilitate lasting life change. Some of my skills are listening, understanding & empathy to achieve change.

I spread my work through one-on-one tele-coaching via my virtual office or Zoom, and phone calls and in person by appointment. I bring to my work genuine passion and enthusiasm, and I am passionate about the internal resources and personal abilities of everyone. I feel touch by those who are willing to share their feelings and thoughts openly. Some of my skills are listening, understanding and empathy with those who seek me as a facilitator to acquire social skills, raise their self-esteem and achieve a change. I often work with culturally diverse individuals with the aim to empower them and to provide more joy and peace in their lives.