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Thomas Norris

Alamo, California

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Alamo, California
United States

About Thomas Norris

I help clients identify, ask, and answer their most important leadership, career, life, and transition questions; then, take action to close the gap between where they are and the future they desire.

I focus on three areas of coaching to help clients achieve their growth goals. 

1) Leadership Coaching enables clients to make leadership best practices common practice, create coaching cultures fostering employee engagement, and develop followers committed to your vision and purpose.

2) Career Coaching helps clients align passions, skills, and values with their career and work, and create more fulfilling work. 

3) Life & Transition Coaching helps clients grow and work through life challenges, find more work-life balance, and reorder life around what is most important.

Some questions people can ask themselves to consider coaching as a resource for growth are: 

1) Are you at a Crossroad? 

2) Do you have leadership growth aspirations? 

3) Are you experiencing career impatience? 

4)Is work-life balance challenging? 

5) Are you experiencing the impact of more stress in work and life? 

6) Do you find yourself in a season of restlessness? 

7) Are you wondering how to experience a more fulfilling life?