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Coach Alina Halonen in Beverly Hills CA

Alina Halonen

Beverly Hills, California

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Beverly Hills, California
United States

About Alina Halonen

As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC #7345) *, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), and a Certified Life Coach, I help you make the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral changes you seek. By implementing a collaborative, active, direct, integrative, and holistic approach, my goal is to help you establish greater control over your life while enhancing your ability to build meaningful and effective relationships.

 Together we will uncover your self-defeating beliefs, removing negative or stressful judgments and allowing you to experience a more positive sense of well-being. You will gain the ability to deal with emotional stressors reflectively instead of reflexively, by learning how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, and learn how to regulate your emotions. We will uncover and address patterns in your relationships and take steps to create more secure bonds, developing more trust to move your relationships toward a healthier, more positive direction. To find the internal motivation you need to change your behavior, we will address any ambivalent feelings and insecurities you may be experiencing. We will focus on addressing the root causes of your presenting challenges, rather than just surface symptoms, building on your internal strengths and resourcefulness, and helping you achieve clarity on what matters to you. You will gain the ability to make decisions based on what aligns with your identity and core values, allowing you to get in touch with your true authentic self to lead your most fulfilling life.

As someone who has a history of complex trauma personally, I have a good understanding of how scary and difficult the healing journey can be, and how important it is that we go at your pace. As a trauma-informed therapist, I emphasize creating a physically and emotionally safe environment, establishing trust and boundaries, supporting autonomy and choice, creating collaborative relationships and participation opportunities, and using strength and empowerment-focused perspectives to promote resilience while reducing the risk of re-traumatization.

I have extensive experience working in the recovery field in various settings. As someone who has a history of addiction, I have a clear and realistic understanding of the struggles one often faces during this journey. I provide alternative approaches to the 12-step model of recovery. There are many paths to recovery, and while the 12 Step Model has worked for many people, others might find success with additional tools.