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Crystal Bean

Calabasas, California, 91302

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Calabasas, California, 91302
United States

About Crystal Bean

Do you have low self-esteem due to social media, bullying, and toxic relationships?

Are you frustrated in life because you are not crystal clear on your calling?

Have you lost hope, or need motivation, or need a true transformation in your life?

Do you need personal development coaching to be the best version of yourself?

I can help!

Hello to All, I am Crystal Bean! I am originally from the DMV area but moved to CA, I look forward to helping you rebuild confidence whether you lost it due to public scrutiny, a relationship, or due to social media. My goal is to help you re-shape your mindset to get rid of limiting beliefs, help you achieve your goals and dreams through motivational and transformation coaching style and techniques, where we will talk about overcoming obstacles and distractions that are holding you back from true happiness and independence. Interesting enough my background was in law and intelligence but I found a true passion for helping people see the best in them and it brings so much joy and happiness to see people blossom from point A to point B. I have been mentoring people and helping people see the best in themselves since I was a child. Now I have aligned my soul purpose in life to what I am called to do, which is serving people. My hope for you is that you align with your calling and get crystal clear on who you are, where you are going, and find ultimate happiness in life. Don't you know you deserve everything, including happiness! So, be my guess and sign up for a consultation and unlock your true potential, beaucase my guess is...it's just around the corner.