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Coach Teresa Ann Foxworthy in Carlsbad CA

Teresa Ann Foxworthy

Carlsbad, California, 92011

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Carlsbad, California, 92011
United States

About Teresa Ann Foxworthy

98% Success Rate
Coaching & Counseling By-Phone
Weekly sessions make all the difference.

Time is ticking...
For 20+ years, my programs have transformed men & women, catapulting them into their next echelon of personal fulfillment. I've mainly worked with Fortune 500 Senior Executives; plus consulted for many hi-tech start-ups, non-profits & entrepreneurs. I love being a catalyst!

Prolific with inspiration, ideas, & strategies, I listen as you expand your perspective of what is possible.

1) Co-Owner repaired his partnership, to sell $30 million Silicon Valley company
2) Senior Executive made partner at NYC firm
3) Hi-Tech VP said I did in 1 weekend what 8 psychiatrists failed to do in 8 years
4) Psychiatrist engaged & married within a year
5) London executive leveled up in one day

Begin by rejuvenating your well-being, then finesse social skills with personal development, re-ignite your career, get a makeover, or re-invent yourself.

My "fun & focused" approach makes it easy.

Using key principles & leading-edge models, you get to be who you want to be & be loved how you want to be loved, feeling confident, while learning to enjoy the ever-evolving journey of your Life's quest.

GET the SUPPORT you need!

Living an "inspired Life" means co-creating relationships, integrating "work & life" goal management, making informed decisions, navigating emotional landscapes, reading people & situations, & possibly charting an entirely new course.

I'm here to help.

Clarify your goals & learn new behaviors, monitor milestones, transform breakdowns into breakthroughs & learn to gracefully allow your vision to unfold with grace & dignity. As I listen to your story, asking questions, I empower you, as you expand your perspective.

Sessions are by-phone, sometimes in-person, depending on my itinerary:
Usually DC, LA, NYC, San Diego, SF, Maui, & Europe.

Begin with complimentary half-hour.
Business Hours: Weekdays 12-7pm Pacific
Available for groups & keynotes.