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Lisa Lopez

Fremont, California

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Fremont, California
United States

About Lisa Lopez

My journey began nearly 10 years ago. At age 15, my son was sitting in a jail cell; my family and life, as I knew it, was falling apart. I barely recognized the person my son had become. The eyes that used to light up when they saw me, now looked through me.  Every word out of his mouth was a lie. He was angry, destructive and out of control. I remember the shear panic I felt when the phone rang.  Was it the school? Was it the authorities?  Was my child dead? I was shrouded in shame and defeat; how did I fail...where had I gone wrong?

At that time, little did I know that what felt like the end of my world, would actually save my life....and my family. Through the Life Coaching I received, I was able to recognize the life I was living was not the life I deserved. For the first time, I learned to forgive and to love myself again. I began to see I was not powerless and I was not alone. The skills I learned were a catalyst to living the life I celebrate and love today.

It was then that I made a promise to one day become a Life Coach focused on helping other people find their happiness - just like me.


Let me listen to your story; I can share mine. You have a safe place to heal, and to find your voice. I am humble, grateful, and ready to serve. My only desire is to share with you and others the tools and the knowledge that have been graciously shared with me.