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Cami McFarlane

La Quinta, California

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La Quinta, California
United States

About Cami McFarlane

Creating moments is my happy place! It all changed for me when I faced the hardest loss of my life. My world was shattered when I lost my baby girl at 20 weeks. I was heartbroken and felt hopeless. I found myself stuck in a place that I couldn’t get out of. The lack of energy, focus, and the drive wasn’t present anymore. I didn’t recognize the person I was becoming and feared it was affecting my family too. When I found coaching, it rocked me to the core! Through coaching techniques, I built the courage to change my mindset, work through my limiting beliefs, and work hard to get ME back and better. I learned grit and grace as I hustled in my structure and founded my life on deserving love and belong. I could not be small anymore, I am enough! My new energy and life’s calling are now to help others get them to their destination. I believe, "Change your mindset, change your moments." My purpose is helping others fill their tank, map out their goals, learn new directions to get them where they want to go!

I created Road Trip Coaching where I help motivate, give perceptive, and coach individuals and couples take the wheel and find bits of happiness on their own life’s journey. I have a bachelors degree from BYU-Idaho, coaching training through Aspen Family Life Coaching, I’m married to my best friend and a mother of 3 (one angel baby). You’ll find me either coaching, dancing, or on some form of water soaking up the best of what life offers! I would love to work with you!