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Linda Lesem

Larkspur, California

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Larkspur, California
United States

About Linda Lesem

I work with a wide variety of people who are wanting to take their lives to the next level. 

My clients are all ages and from diverse backgrounds, and yet they share the same intention, to create positive change in their lives.

My clients are at a turning point, where they are ready for introspective exploration in order to uncover their talents, strengths, interests, motivations and personal values. I guide them to take these insights, brainstorm possibilities, and create a practical plan that stays true to who they are, and works well in their life. Woven though my work, I teach clients how to incorporate basic and easy tools and daily rituals from the world of Positive Psychology,(the Science of Happiness), and the Enneagram. 

I help to create change by using my intuition and my training as a therapist, career counselor and positive psychology coach. My first goal is to understand the unique complexity of each of my clients, and then I get to work to inspire, educate, and motivate. Meeting my clients where they are, and then supporting them to move forward in ways that suit them best, is what I enjoy most, and remains my top strength.

When I help my clients to understand and “see” their unique “self”, they become energized and excited about possibilities" in their life and in their work. Together we then create a step-by step plan that is both practical and exciting.

Positive Change Happens!

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