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Jack Mierop

Long Beach, California, 90807

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Long Beach, California, 90807
United States

About Jack Mierop

Jack began his creative career as an award-winning songwriter, accruing motion picture song credits, a CD of highly regarded original material entitled Anything Like This, and an AA degree in music. Before long, Jack’s artistic endeavors led him to the realization that he is, first and foremost, a “people-person” with an abiding interest in the importance interpersonal communication plays in helping individuals achieve emotional and psychological maturity. With the encouragement of college professors, Jack adjusted his focus to the social sciences and earned a Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degrees with high honors in Speech Communication from California State University, Fullerton.
For nearly two decades, Jack has continued to teach his specialty of Interpersonal Communication, along with a variety of other Communication Studies courses, at the university and community college levels. As an educator, he has won awards for excellence, emphasizing communication education in training seminars, classrooms, and small groups. Numerous comments from inspired students, attendees, and colleagues who voiced appreciation for the personal impact his teaching has had on their lives, led Jack to found "Jack Up Your Life," a seminar and lecture series, and to write "Becoming . . . , his personal development narrative, to reach a broader audience with his message of personal understanding and peace.
Using examples and stories from his life, along with his research in the fields of communication, psychology and philosophy, he incorporates his own down-to-earth, conversational presentation style, with which he is able to relate to his audiences on an elemental level, allowing them to identify more easily to the messages of a deeper understanding of life.