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Amy Kessler

Los Angeles, California, 90036

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Los Angeles, California, 90036
United States

About Amy Kessler

I began working in the film industry when I was hired by veteran filmmaker Robert Richter (from the acclaimed Friendly-Murrow CBS team) to develop, produce and edit human rights documentaries. We worked on important issues like women’s and children’s rights, poverty, labor, the environment, nuclear disarmament and peace activism around the world. Hearing people's stories changed me in profound ways and I realized that the place where storytelling came together in a meaningful way was in the editing room, so I learned the craft of documentary video editing. There, I learned from my mentors, that empathy and justice could be achieved through a collaborative process of listening, sharing our stories and taking action. Today, I coach creative professionals with the same perspective in mind.

After a New York style ass-kicking in Reality T.V. left me burnt out and unable to work, I left the film business and my dream of becoming a film editor and sought out a life coach. She was able to support me through a difficult chronic illness and a career move. In 2016, I became a certified life coach through the Brilliance Coaching Academy in Los Angeles.

Presently, I work with creative professionals, like artists, writers and activists, music, design and film industry freelancers and entrepreneurs, who need support managing the ups and downs of this type of work. I help my clients refocus and get clear on a direction, so they can create a work life that feels consistent and fulfilling. Together, we move through obstacles like burnout, overwhelm, perfectionism and procrastination, so they can move forward in their careers or creative practices. I also support my clients in building emotional wellbeing, so they can move forward from a grounded place and live whole-hearted, balanced lives doing what they love.