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Emily Letran Speaker

Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles, California
United States

About Emily Letran Speaker

Dr Emily Letran is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of multiple dental practices, and private coach to many professionals. As an international speaker, she has been on TEDx and shared stages with countless business leaders including Sharon Lechter (Co-Author Rich Dad Poor Dad), Dan Clark (Hall of Fame Speaker), Dr. Howard Farran (Dental Town), and Linda Miles (The Ultimate Mentor of Dentistry). She has been featured on Dental Town , Global Woman, See Beyond magazines, Yahoo!Finance and USA Today.. She is a contributing writer for Dental IQ and Dentistry Today. Dr Letran is the Founder of Exceptional Leverage Inc., ACTION To WIN seminars, and the author of several books. She can be reached regarding interest speaking, guest expert appearance, high performance coaching , consulting and marketing strategist .