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Helen Logan Hicks

Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles, California
United States

About Helen Logan Hicks

Are you beginning a new chapter of your life, but can’t break free of frustrating habits? Do you feel trapped by a career you don’t gain from anymore? Do you need help setting and maintaining boundaries in your relationships? If you are whispering “yes” to these questions, then I can help you.

In addition to being certified as a professional coach by ICF-approved World Coaching Institute and earning an MA in Women’s & Gender Studies from UT Austin, my own difficult experiences, life choices, & triumphs have resulted in a healthy combination of empathy and tough love for my clients. I have come to understand that what isn’t there often won’t appear unless I create it. While my personal process has been formidable, I like to think I am coming out the other side as a diamond. I strongly believe that if I can make enormous changes in my life, you can too.

Confidentiality, one-on-one attention, and guidance are key to our coaching relationship. My role is more than a sounding board for struggles, I’m an accountability system, a companion here to witness your vulnerability, assess your situation, & guide you on a path to alignment with your truest self. Your role is to commit 100% to doing the hard work to change and improve your life.

My consultations are always free! We'll discuss finding your unique issues and how we will build a tailored, culturally aware solution that fits your lifestyle. Unlike other coaches, I don’t ask for thousands of dollars up front for a set amount of time-- I offer pay-as-you-go plans, so you feel confident you are excited about every session we have scheduled. I have openings now & I hope to hear from you soon!

*All coaching sessions are conducted over the phone, which means I can work with folks in most US locations and some overseas locations!