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Klarissa Mae

Los Angeles, California, 90046

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Los Angeles, California, 90046
United States

About Klarissa Mae

I always thought my life path was one that should be contoured around helping others. This calling motivated me to become a transitional life coach. I found myself empowering all of my clients to get them to their highest potential. Doing my own small business was my way of following the example that I had given others.
I followed the education system in detail so I can help different types of clients. Along my studying years, I achieved a BA in psychology and minor in criminal justice at the Loyola University of Chicago in 2008, a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology- Los Angeles Campus in 2014.

I have worked with a variety of clients that had to face significant struggles such as depression, anxiety, and major life transitions such as the loss of a loved one, a breaking marriage, as well as a blocked career path. The list of obstacles that might stay between us and our happiness, is endless and subjective to each individual.
My deepest wish is to offer you the same courage and the tools you need to go through any major transition in your life. My hope is that we develop a genuine connection throughout our collaboration. Turning your life around is not easy, but I assure you that it will bring you the self-confidence and satisfaction you are looking for. 
You deserve it.