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Leigha May

Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles, California
United States

About Leigha May

If your life doesn't genuinely make you beam with excitement, let me tell you, there's more. Whether you're 19, 32, or 68, it's never too early or too late to design and live a life you crave. 

Don't stop until you're proud. 

The truth is, the world’s most talented and successful people - the best entrepreneurs, artists, adventurers, intellectuals, and inventors - were all mentored and coached at one point in their journey. Can you make it through life without a designated coach? Absolutely. But, if you're seeking the best for yourself; the passion, the "more" in life, coaching can get you there with more speed and clarity than you'll find navigating this alone.

As your life coach, I will: 

Be your personal guide, helping you identify and break through the obstacles and blockers that are holding you back from a lit-up life

Work with you to map out a tangible and focused plan that will help you achieve your highest goals

Coach you deeply, lovingly call you out on your bs stories (we all have them), keeping you focused, accountable, and growing forward